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One royal biographer sums it up succinctly: ‘In public and in private, Ian Jones is one of the finest photographers of his generation’.

​Be it a country churchyard or a gathering of world leaders, Ian’s philosophy remains the same: when photographing a landmark occasion, you must be rigorously prepared, unsparing with the details and as unobtrusive as possible.

And there is no landmark quite like a wedding.

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During a career spanning more than three decades, Ian‘s award-winning photography – in every field from portraiture to war – has been published and admired around the world.

​It is for his royal work that he is best known. During 15 years as the Daily Telegraph’s royal photographer (from 1992 to 2007) he not only covered all the major state occasions but was also invited inside to capture private ones too. His images of the Queen and the Royal Family, at home and in more than 100 countries overseas, earned him many of the industry’s highest awards * . Such was the consistency and calibre of his work that he also received the rare accolade of Royal Photographer of the Decade.

​When Diana, Princess of Wales was leading her campaign against landmines, she asked Ian to join her entourage and illustrate her work to a global audience. When St James’s Palace wanted a pictorial record of Prince William at 18, it was Ian who worked with the birthday Prince to produce an historic set of images.

Since leaving the Daily Telegraph, Ian’s work is more personal.  He regards being a photographer of someone’s wedding as a very privileged position and as one recent couple said. “Not only an incredible photographer, but everyone at their wedding will love Ian. An incredibly decent, entertaining and kind person”.

Regular private commissions for various members of the Royal Family, his photograph of the newly-wed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the West Door of Westminster Abbey – Ian’s fifth royal wedding – remains one of the enduring royal images of recent times.

​The parallels with his Royal work are obvious – the importance of being calm, smart, invisible and everywhere; the need for discretion; the unrelenting attention to detail.

​His bridal commissions have ranged from spectacular weddings for Hello! Magazine to intimate ceremonies with a handful of guests. Ian enjoys making the most of every setting, be it a civil ceremony in a small marquee or a family wedding in a magnificent stately home like Alnwick Castle, seat of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland.


With all his experience and love for what he does, Ian is there behind the lens to capture your day with an elegant perspective.

No wedding or ceremony is too big or small for Ian Jones and his hand-picked team of international photographers.

The biggest day of your life could not be in better hands.


Canon News Photographer of the Year
Martini Royal Photographer of the Year- 3 Times
Martini Royal Photographer of the Decade.

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